Jet Ski floating platforms - Ready to use, safe, strong, linkable to each other - the best way to park your jet ski!

floating jet ski platforms


Ready To Use

Jetport floating jet ski platform is ready to use! simply place into water and you can start using it and place your jet ski on it.

drive on dock for jet ski


Modular System

Linkable system one to each other or to an existing pier - Rotoport floating watercrafts platform is good for every model of jet ski.

Rotoport watercrafts platform


Safe and Strong

Rotoport is a safe and strong floating platform. Jet ski will lie on it totally out of water. Rotoport guarantees long life to watercrafts


Many accessories and optionals for any needed

floating modular system


kit to anchor to an existing pier

Anchoring kit

pole anchoring kit

Poles mooring kit

kit for anchor to dead weight

Dead weight kit


Leader in floating modular system's market

rotoport floating platform for jet ski


Floating jet ski platforms. Ready to use, linkable one to each other. With central and side rollers. For all watercraft models.

Boat Lift

Drive on floating dock systems for inflatable boats and small boats until 10 meters. Modular and expandable system.


Floating modular system CUBEDOCK to creare Jetties, composed by small module 50x50x40cm or 100x50x40cm. see more >>


Floating modular system ROTODOCK, composed by High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) modules 200x300cm. see more >>

Rotodock floating piers